Band Competition Schedule

Grade 4 Medley Judges – John Wassman, Bruce Gandy, John Bottomley (ensemble), Adrian Mordaunt
1:00 PM Rhode Island Highlanders
1:10 PM Claddagh Pipe Band
1:20 PM Bergen Irish Pipe Band
Grade 4 MSR Judges – Derek Midgley, Jim Stack, Marc Dubois (ensemble), Jon Quigg
1:30 PM Rhode Island Highlanders
1:40 PM Claddagh Pipe Band


Grade 3 MSR Judges – Bruce Gandy, Jim Stack, Derek Midgley (ensemble), Jon Quigg
1:50 Roisin Dubh Pipe Band


Grade 5 QMM Judges –  John Bottomley, Joe Brady, Marc Dubois (ensemble), Jon Quigg
2:00 PM St. Edmund’s Pipes & Drums
2:10 PM Galloway Gaelic Pipes and Drums 
2:20 PM Pelham Regional Pipe Band
2:30 PM City of Albany Pipe Band
2:40 PM Roisin Dubh Irish Pipe Band Grade 5
2:50 PM Saffron United Pipe Band
3:00 PM Manchester Pipe Band
3:10 PM Talcott Mountain Highlanders Pipe Band
3:20 PM St. Anthony’s Celtic Friars Pipe Band
3:30 PM Old Colony Highlanders


MASS BANDS 4:15 pm