Addendum to the EUSPBA Competition Rules and Regulations #1

For the period commencing April 1, 2020 and ending December 31, 2020, the EUSPBA will permit contests not run in person. Contests could be live broadcasts, contests using video conferencing platforms or contests requiring submitted video.

For those contests where competitors submit their performances on video, the following protocols will be observed:
Competitors will be emailed/issued their competitor number and requested tunes 72 hours before the contest upload cut-off time (e.g., a cut-off time of 6 p.m. EDT on a Saturday will require tunes and number to be given no later than Wednesday at 6 p.m. EDT). Videos must be captured and uploaded within 72 hours of the contest cut-off time. The competitor must clearly state his/her name, grade, contest, competitor number, tune, current date and time at the beginning of the video. Videos will be uploaded to the EUSPBA provided Dropbox or method determined by contest organizer. Competitors will not be required to be in Highland dress or march. All other rules applicable to EUSPBA contests (i.e. sanctioning, result reporting, etc.) remain in effect.

For virtual solo snare drumming contests only, competitors are permitted to use either a drum or a drum pad.

For virtual solo tenor and bass drumming contests only, competitors are permitted to use either a drum, a drum pad, or a hard surface.

For all virtual solo drumming contests, accompaniment is required. If the roll off command is not audible on the recorded accompaniment used, it is permissible for the competitor to listen to the first roll of the roll off and only play the second roll of the roll off.