How do I submit my recording?

  • Find a good acoustic, well-lit location to play and video record your tunes. Ensure your full body and hands are clearly seen in the recording.

  • You can record it as many times as you wish…just send in your best one.

  • Each video must be done in one take. There can be no digital enhancements or editing of it.

  • Before playing, at the beginning of the recording, the competitor must clearly state:

                                                 • his/her name

                                                 • grade and event title ( for example, grade 2 msr )

                                                 • Hudson Valley Piping and Drumming Solo Championships 2020

                                                • competitor number

                                                • tune(s)

                                                • current date and time.

  • Upload it to YouTube and set it as “Unlisted” (or Public). DO NOT CHOOSE PRIVATE !!! The judge will not be able to view it if it is listed as private and you will be disqualified.

  • Ensure your video title follows this format:   = HV-Virtual-Contest-2020–YOUR NAME-COMP #-Grade & Event title

                              (ex.  HV-Virtual-Contest_2020-John-Smith-#45-gr4jr-2/4-march )

  • In the description area, list the tune(s)

  • There will be a “Tune Submission” form posted on the HVPBC website on July 17, where you will submit your respective YouTube Links for each of your events.

                                                   Note: Failure to adhere to these steps will result in disqualification.

When will the judging occur?

  • Our Virtual Contest will begin on Saturday, July 25, 2020 and registration CLOSED at 11:48 PM EST on 7/16/2020

  • It is possible the judging of events could be spread over the entire weekend or more.

When will the results be available ? And when will i get my score sheet?

  • Results will be available at the earliest possible opportunity thereafter. (eta – approx. One week)

Who are the judges?

  • Piping Judges: Joe Brady, Maureen Connor, Jim Dillahey, Marc Dubois, Dave Hall, June Hanley, Donald Lindsay, Derek Midgley, Eric Ouellette, Brian Williamson,

  • Snare Judges: Norm McLeod, Derek Cooper

  • Bass / Tenor Judges: Linda Hall

What is the timeframe to record and upload my videos?

  • Record & submit your video = Friday, July 17 at 12:00 pm EDT – Monday, July 20 at 12:00 pm EDT


Is this a EUSPBA Sanctioned Contest?

  • Yes. It will follow all of the rules and guidelines of the EUSPBA. For more information, visit EUSPBA Competition Rules

Is Highland Dress Required?

  • No. But, it is encouraged to continue the spirit of our idiom during these trying times.

For the Snare events, is a drum required ?

  • No. Given the current covid pandemic, some youth bands are without instruments as they are locked away in schools. Hence, for a virtual snare event, a drummer can use a pad or table top.

For the Snare events, is a piper or recording of a piper playing the tune required?

  • Yes. A snare competitor must have a piper playing his solo tune, or a recording of a piper playing his tune. It could be on pipes or a chanter.